Price Economics

    A discipline to study the formation of commodity prices and the regularity of their movements.

    The development of price theory as early as the 7th century BC, China recorded the management of the economic thought of the “tube” book, there is a discussion on the change of market price: “the collection is heavy, the hair is light”, “the people are lighter, the people are less than”; Gold is heavy and light,” “the valley is heavy and everything is light, the valley is light and everything is heavy”, “the currency is heavy and everything is light, the coin is light and everything is heavy”. In the 6th century B.C., Fan Wei put forward the “drought boat, water is a car”, advocated that in the society is not in urgent need of a certain commodity pre-storage, waiting for the time to sell at a high price, indicating that Fan Wei has understood the relationship between supply and demand and price, the use of price changes for profit. In the 5th century B.C., Li said, advocating that the government buy at low grain prices, high grain prices when selling, swallow inggling grain to stabilize grain prices and adjust supply and demand. Although the ancient Chinese thinkers have made exploration and research on the theory of price, because China has been stagnant in feudal society for a long time, the commodity economy is underdeveloped, and the price theory has been limited to the discussion of how the government can stabilize the price of flatness and parity theory (see the theory of loss and equalization).

detail Price Economics

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