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Healthy weight loss experience

## Weight loss experience I was fatter since I was young. When I was in college, I was about 80 kg. After work, the diet is intemperate and the weight is up to 91 kg. In October 2017, I thought … Continue reading

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Git quick start only this article is enough

Foreword Hello everyone, I am Joyway, Git is used every day, so let me start sharing my experience from Git. The following is the topic In the long-term Git use, the following common commands are summarized. For the Git quick … Continue reading

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How to get started quickly in a programming language

Here, golang is used as an example to illustrate how to quickly get started with a computer language. 1. Choose a tutorial Since it is an introduction, it must not be very advanced. For a computer language, it is enough … Continue reading

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Docker getting started guide

Introduction Docker is a bit like virtual machine technology. The virtual machine simulates all or part of the hardware, has a complete set of its own operating system, and docker is not, it is just a process, this process is … Continue reading

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Go language getting started guide for Python developers

This article mainly includes: Go installation and configuration Atom as IDE Go VS Python About I have been learning Go for a while, using Vim as the IDE, and trying to use Go as the server backend several times. Later, … Continue reading

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